Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 1

right now we are in st. George,  Utah. while we were driving horough california, some bees hit our windshield! wow! it is 155 degrees Fahrenheit!! today we drove Alot.  we left California at 8:00AM.  After Driving for 4.5 Hours, we got to hoover dam, Nevada at about 1PM. The parking was 8 Dollars. As we were leaving, some guy honked at us and fraked hnnah out. after we left the Dam, the GPS was having problems!!! WE realised it was on Pedestrian setting!! so that's why it said to get o the freeway.! hahaha. On our drive, we passed Nevada State Prison, and saw some really cool rock formations!!after crossing into st. George Utah, we had dinner at cracker barrel, and walked across the street(in 110 degree Fahrenheit heat!!!) to the hotel. we are going to go swimming now!yeah.

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